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02 March 2013

Big News for Spellbound

As was the case with Heartless, Spellbound has been picked up by TreasureLine Publishing's traditional imprint and will undergo an edit, interior format, and be fitted with a new cover. Unlike Heartless, it will also receive a new name. That's right, Raven's story will no longer be known as Spellbound, but will instead enjoy life forevermore as.... 


I deliberated over this title at some length. I searched Goodreads for entangled and came up with 142 results. That's a little better than the 219 results that come up with spellbound. I'm not too concerned over the number of results, however. 

What concerned me most was the misleading nature of the previous name. With the popularity of paranormal romances out there, I felt having "spell" in the title could be misinterpreted. There's not a hint of anything remotely magic in this book. 

In a way, I suppose the "damage" is already done. I will have to include "spellbound" in the title, after all, to prevent people from purchasing the same book twice. I wouldn't want anyone to snatch this one up under the impression that it's a brand new release. So it will still come up in spellbound searches and some might still get the wrong idea. I am sorry for that and hopefully the book description will be enough to convince them this is just your typical, run-of-the-mill Regency romance. Well, fairly typical. Nothing about me is run-of-the-mill. LOL

All that said, I will do an official cover reveal soon. Watch for it!

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