The Purpose of this Blog

Each of my novels has its own blog. Why? Because sometimes, when reading a book, you end up with questions. Sometimes, you want to know certain background information about certain characters.

This blog is for Spellbound. Character specs and background info, family and old flames. This is the gossip blog. Enjoy!

Questions may be asked in a comment on a related post. Please try not to give too much away as some visitors may not have read the book yet. Thank you!

20 July 2011

Free! Free! FREE!!!

My updates are pretty sporadic on this blog but this is one worth noting. If you haven't read it yet, (or just like to have books in every format) then pop over to Smashwords right now and download your copy of Spellbound. That's right, it's totally free, just sitting there, waiting for you to click all the buttons required to download it. But don't forget to apply the coupon code in your cart or you will be charged full price. Offer ends July 31, so hop to it! 

Click HERE for Spellbound, and HERE for Betrayal. Oh, didn't I mention that? It's free too. :O)