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16 May 2011

~Regency Fashion~ April 1820

This is a crossover post from my author blog. 

The fashion for April 1820:

Fashions for April, 1820. 
Explanation of the prints of fashion. 

No. 1--Evening Dress. 
Round dress of black crape, over a black satin slip; the dress made with a demi-train, and ornamented round the border with three fluted flounces of crape, each flounce headed by a superb embroidery of small jet beads and bugles. Corsage à Louis Quatorze, ornamented with jet bugles to correspond. Tucker of white crape in folds, fastened in puff divisions by bows of white love. The head adorned with the regal coronet turban.*

*La Belle Assemblée, April 1820, page 132.